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ART Meditations

in Historical Center of Luxembourg


Art Meditation is a meditation which transfers the feelings onto canvas with thoughtful and sensitive help.

The benefits of Art Meditation:


- boost your creativity
- respite from work and problems

- restoring energy
- team building and communication
- work out your personal issues and blocks

In the modern world, the topic of self- awareness, knowledge and creativity is becoming very popular, as people have become more in tune with themselves and strive towards self-development.

Companies have a legitimate interest in their employee’s team spirit, creative thinking and a vision for the future.

With the help of art meditation, you can develop a sense of team and self- cohesion, creativity, expel fears and discover new sides in yourself.


to take part in art meditations which will be held in the historical place of Luxembourg, in the most unusual art studio in Clausen. The atmosphere of grandeur and serenity we will create excellent conditions for meditation as we transfer your feelings onto canvas with my sensitive help.

Drawing skills are not required!

At the end, you will have a picture which you

painted yourself and you can hang in your

home to remember your experience.

Paints, brushes and canvas - all provided.

I invite you

The steps in art

meditation(3-4 hours):


- Prior to the session you will be given a task to prepare.

- Just before the start of the session the first thing we do is get to know one another.

- We listen to everyone’s requests.

- Then 5 minutes there is a meditation followed by 20 minutes of visualisation. For example, visualising your future and meeting with yourself in the future. To determine where you are now and what it looks like, what you want to become as if it had been realised.

- Then we select the colours.

- Then finally, we paint listening to the UFO DRUM.

- Everyone can take their work and display it home where they spend time. Subsequently, the picture will greatly affect your subconscious and help you to realise your future self.

One of the main reasons reason why art therapy is effective is because it provides a safe, non- judgmental environment to explore and observe feelings -both conscious and subconscious - through art.

Creating art also puts you in a calm, meditative state, which further encourages emotional release and stress relief.

Art  therapy 



6X4A1254 копия.jpg

There are no rules in art, no right or wrong.

Just have fun, explore, and play!

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