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“I have always been in love with art, but due to life circumstances, my passion sat and waited in the wings. It wasn’t until 2013 that my spirit awakened and I knew in my core that I needed to make “art for art’s sake” (l'art pour l'art)”

My story


Alina Fadeeva

Growing up in a simple and loving family, in a rural area of central Russia, I started drawing from childhood. I have no recollection of anything in my childhood that would cause me to become the artist that I am today. In fact, my earliest memory of art and artists was the sight of disheveled students, sitting forever in front of canvases, which thoroughly depressed me! I wanted a bright life! This life was certainly not for me! I never seriously considered “artist” as a profession. To be a doctor, a lawyer, a financier – these are professions! But to be an artist? Impossible! Or was it? Fast-forward twenty years…


I obtained an MBA degree in Strategic Management and after working internationally in the sphere of innovations and disruptive technologies I suddenly became conflicted. I needed to create art.  It was born from compulsion, not from reason, not from utility, nor from social or moral justice, and certainly not from any commercial considerations. I realized that without the canvas and the brushes I could no longer bear it – I dropped everything and started from scratch - more precisely – I was a “blank canvas”. As never before, I was certain that I was born for making art for art’s sake (l'art pour l'art).


My Art

Inspired by nature, I use synthetic materials. I work with different materials but my favorits alcohol inks and epoxy resin. The ink is designed for flat, static surfaces, and does not come to life until epoxy resin is added – providing volume and structure that cannot be achieved with a glossy varnish or glass overlay. The epoxy resin also adds a smoothness effect allowing the ink to unfold in all of its nuance and depth.


”Drawing with resin gives a flow of my intuition and mood. Colors express energy in futuristic effects, sometimes moving to a higher dimension. The end-result: a powerful reflection from the inspiration that I receive from beauty in the world around me and the inner connection of everything that is happening. Art is the world that I now inhabit. When I’m working, time stops and I find myself completely hypnotized by what can be, what will be. My third eye takes control with visual and creative manifestations the likes of which transcend the space-time of this world. This is not a psychedelic nor is it a fantasy film. Quite the opposite. I always feel at home and feel like I’m right where I should be in the here and now when I create art.”

Digital & Learning

I now develop actively in the digital direction. I teach, through on-line video, for English speakers, about my process and techniques for creating my art.


'' The purpose

of art is washing

the dust of daily

life off our souls.''


In the not too distant future, I plan to create a moving installation based on my work, so that viewers can interact with this creation in real time and feel the dynamic, flowing, real motion design.  I plan to surprise and delight people, as if they were watching the northern lights or in the middle of a typhoon.

Pablo Picasso 

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